Friday, 13 July 2007

Super Casino Rethink - Super News

Well it's not often politics surprise me, but they did when Gordon Brown announced a rethink to the Super Casino that was planned for Manchester. Will he have the courage to stick his neck out all the way against a project with so much money involved? Only time will tell. How anyone can seriously argue that the development of a super casino is a good way to regenerate a deprived area is beyond me.

In support of the rethink, and the report that has been commissioned to look at the social effects of gambling that is due in September, I have put together an 'Addiction Blogs' section on MedWorm.

Here you can see the directory of addiction blogs I have included so far - if anyone knows of any more please let me know - in particular I am keen to find blogs by anyone experiencing/recovering from addiction (of any kind).

Here you can see the Addiction Blogs River of News.

If you are looking for official data on addiction, have a look at the Addiction section of the MedWorm official sources directory and here is the Addiction River of News, with RSS feed, for those sources.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Alan Johnston - what a man!

A lot has been happening in the UK news recently, that again I couldn't let this wonderful moment go without comment. The release of Alan Johnston was welcome news - hearing him talk to the press shortly after his release a precious moment exemplifying the human spirit as it should be - if you didn't catch it, I recommend you watch a snapshot and learn from the wisdom he demonstrated throughout his experience.

The moment that brought a tear to my eye was when he spoke with humility about other people that in his opinion were facing an ordeal worse than his own:

There are people who have been told they have nine months to live and most of those people handle that with grace. I told myself that I was waiting to live my life again and it would be shameful if I couldn't do it with dignity.